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Welcome to Bleu Productions
Renown for her profound explorations of female sexuality, fantasy, fetish and erotic noir
Welcome to Bleu Productions
Renown for her profound explorations of female sexuality, fantasy, fetish, and bdsm... 
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Maria Beatty

Beatty’s films reach deep into culture’s collective unconscious for their inspiration. In Beatty’s world, fine art aesthetics and shamelessly fetishistic obsession blend to create vividly subversive tableaux at once arresting and intensely erotic. –Thomas Roche

Maria Beatty has produced and directed films for over twenty-seven years that are on the cutting edge of art and female eroticism.

A precursor of the so-called new wave of “erotic noir,” she is renown for her profound explorations of female sexuality, body politics and lesbian desires. Her vision is inspired by expressionist German cinema, French surrealism, American film noir, and gay underground filmmakers such as Jean Genet and Kenneth Anger, who set new standards in erotic cinema.

After a start in the ’80s as a photographer for musicians and performance artists, Beatty started filming in Super 8, making experimental short movies that profiled the eccentric women and transexuals living in her former neighborhood, the Lower East Side of New York City.

Working with deviant sexuality and body politics, Maria Beatty is celebrated as an auteur of her own  self-devised genre, as one of the most passionate and bravest filmmakers today. –Shu Lea Cheang

— SURGEON (“Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls” & “FEED”)
Maria Beatty is a dirty diviner, a wild frontier explorer plumbing the depths of lesbian desire, kink and creativity. She ventures where no man has tried, beautifully, grotesquely and close-up in high definition. She has honed her skills against stacked odds, to bring us real and surreal heart-pounding, nail-biting, orgasm inducing queer and dyke sex. Beatty’s stye is honest, yet stylized. Birthed out of her own fetishes, her work opens a window onto the things women do when there are no limits, just appetites.


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