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Pagan Witch film in-progress

FEED: The Last Supper

Shot on location in the American Southwest, FEED is an extreme kink explosion centered around one woman’s experience at the hands of a stylized sex carnival of kink, beauty, and carnal delight.

The Black Widow

Driven by desire and an intangible grief, four mysterious women blur the lines of fantasy, passion and desire. We witness love and lust, dominance, submission, worship, and many more forms of intimate play…

Delightful indulgences that comfort and conquer the sorrows of loss and deception.


As a chrysalis between dream and reality, to be another body, trans, be «another with others». 

An intimate deconstruction into the exploration of sexualit(ies).

The Return of Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls

Set in the arid, barren punishing realm of the desert, Surgeon Scofflaw now reigns as the desert Dom. Equipped with her new errand boy they search for resources and new playthings.

Watch the ever shifting sensual power play unfold between four women- without boundaries, in the rawest, no-holds-barred erotic flick. And all under the unwavering heat of the desert sun.

Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls

After the Third World War and global warming have transformed the planet into a desert, what remains? Two post-apocalyptic cowgirls in leather and Stetsons!

The chemistry between these two sexy, dangerous queer chicks is gonna make you hotter than the desert sun.

Belle de Nature

The more bondage KNOTS are tightened around her body the more Clara’s imagination takes flight. Then  magically she finds herself naked in the edge of the woods. The grass tickles her feet, a bramble scratches her skin, the trees whip her passionately. Clara joins her lover, the forest her mistress Nature.

The Black Glove

The flame of the candle that illuminates and torments, reveals the wondrous form of the willing slave, whose haunting wide eyes and full moist parted lips recall the classic silent screen goddesses Pola Negri and Louise Brooks.

This visionary erotic noir explores and crosses the boundaries of dominance and submission in its artful escalation of pleasure & pain, bondage & menace, fetishism & foot worship; culminating in the hot wax torture of the slave’s most private parts… as she writhes in ecstasy.

The Elegant Spanking

This ‘post-modern romantic subversion’ features the story of a unique lesbian S&M relationship between a mistress and her maid.

Enter their fantasy:  a seductive chain of nostalgically hot images… role-play, mutual female masturbation, bare-bottom spanking, spike heel and foot worship in a totally new and classic approach to lesbian S&M erotica.  One fetish sequence after another sucks you in on a tide, pulls you along in a climactic ride into the dream sequence finale.

Ladies of the Night: Les Vampyres

Night is falling. A frightened Schoolgirl makes her way along the deserted cobbled street, glancing fearfully around her. Swept away, she awakens in an eerie, candlelit mansion. Her captors, the mysterious Ladies of the Night. Ageless and deadly, they tease, torment, seduce and toy their newest plaything.

Led to the underground Torture Chamber, flogged, paddled, and caned, she is driven to the brink of absolute surrender… With the approach of dawn, her torture intensifies, and the Vampires at last taste her Virgin blood.

Let the Punishment fit the Child

Two women are bonded by strange rituals. They might be “mother and “daughter,” or two lovers playing games of domination, submission, voyeurism and cruel tenderness, but does it matter?

The weightlessness of these mute bodies, the strangeness of the camera angles, the seductive perversity of the objects of fetishism (corset, wig, hairbrush, schoolgirl’s uniform, quaint shoes, naked dolls, body powder, candles, keyholes) takes us on a surreal journey echoing the sumptuous compositions of Bunuel’s, Un Chien Andalou.

Silken Sleeves

Midori, by turns playful and cruel, captures, overpowers, and binds the delicate butterfly, Mayan.

Exposed and immobilized, Mayan, inevitably succumbs to her own desires through bondage, hot candle waxed cocooning, amongst other wickedly erotic treasures. Once her pleasures are satisfied, Midori liberates Mayan, off into seventh heaven.

The Seven Deadly Sins

Caught in the act of coveting her mistress’ position as a notorious exotic dancer, a young maid must submit to her sadism and her lust. Together they indulge in lasciviousness and intemperance, managing to violate every tenet of virtue.

The mistress’ sadism is matched by the maids gluttony for punishment. Tender flesh is slapped, flogged, and clamped, all accompanied by moans of pleasure and mocking laughter. And still, the maid must serve!

Vampire Sisters

Anastasia Pierce brings all of her vampire survival techniques to revive her beautiful submissive vampire sister who has made the mistake of drinking the blood of the dead. Pierce and Ariel X’s sexual hunger for each other is eternal!

Strap-on Motel

London, an erotic dancer, relives her nights of fever at the clandestine and muggy Strap-on Motel. Experience the passionate exploration of strap-on sex  between two lovers.

Sex Mannequin

Somewhere hidden in a forbidden loft space, her dream female sex mannequin comes alive as the stunning and intense London, there to passionately serve the breathtaking Dylan in a variety of naughty queer femme fetish kink.

Ecstasy in Berlin

A golden Weimar beauty slips a needle into her creamy thigh, slipping into a kaleidoscope of  erotic fantasies. Her perfect flesh is spanked and caressed, her lips kissed then forced to worship a fine leather boot, bound, strictly corseted, whipped and led into a glowing climax. Delicately sensual and sexually intense, it conveys all the dangerous rewards of passion indulged.

Skateboard Kink Freak

Michelle takes a very long break from her latest art installation to go and snatch the cutest petite female skateboarder from a playground down the block. Still wet behind the ears Amber is led blindfolded inside Michelle’s loft space and with enthusiasm she very quickly transforms Amber into her latest sexual “art piece”.