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Fuck Them All sets out to bring trans*erotic to the screen like you’ve never seen it before. -Berlin Erotic Film Festival

Awarded Best Video at the Transgender Film Festival 2017 in Kiel (Germany)

As a chrysalis between dream and reality, to be another body, trans, be «another with others». An intimate deconstruction into the exploration of sexualit(ies).

Fuck Them All
2017, 75 minutes, France
Directed by Maria Beatty
Script: Maria Beatty / Andromak P4
Assistant Director: Andromak P4
Editor: Maria Beatty
Misungui / Anaïs N.: Zentaï Reality
KAy Garnellen / Anaïs N.: The Man at the bar and The Shamaness
KAy Garnellen / Misungui Bordelle: The Sailor and the Dancer
KAy Garnellen / Anaïs N.: the submissive and the Domina
KAy Garnellen / Sir-Ds: Gay Vampires
KAy Garnellen / Cheyann: The Prostitute and the Cowboy
KAy Garnellen / Cheyann / Sir-Ds / Misungui Bordelle / Anaïs N.: Orgy (grande finale)
Annabelle P.: Vampire’s Vase

Cameras: Maria Beatty / Emmanuel Vallet / Yorma Loringett
Director of Photography: Emmanuel Vallet
Assistant Lighting: Sophie B.
Costumes: Olympia Volpone
Make-up Artists: Nathalie / Jean-Marc
Assistant Stage Manager: Anne Roze
Still Photographers: Max Pelgrims / Violaine Bellet / Sandryn Martin D’Escrienne
Food trucker: Rémy Pulzatto