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Raunchy fun down on the ranch. Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls is hot, nasty and  horny as hell.   –Lydia Lunch

After the Third World War and global warming have transformed the planet into a desert, what remains? Two post-apocalyptic cowgirls in leather and Stetsons!

A tough exotic amazon with a gun and boots hitchhikes on a bleak Arizona highway. A car stops. A delicious submissive invites her into the car. The chemistry between these two sexy, dangerous queer lesbian chicks is gonna make you hotter than the desert sun. 

Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls
a Maria Beatty film
USA, 2008, color
Duration: 60 mins.
Starring: Surgeon and London
Music by Lydia Lunch
Additional Music: Yann Jaffiol and Bunny Rabbit

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